Wiener Schnitzel

27 Apr

I went to Berlin the first week of April to visit my friend Sam.  Sam is a friend from NYU who I met while studying abroad in Buenos Aires.  She later spent a semester in Berlin, fell in love with it, and moved back after graduation.  I interviewed her here for Bye Bye Box.

My other friend from BA who lives in NY, Nicole, also traveled to Berlin and our friend Amanda met us there (Amanda has been living in London for the past year, getting her Masters at the London School of Economics).  The trip overall was very successful–the four of us travel really well together, maybe because we all met while in Argentina.  Sam knew all the great stuff to do from an insider’s perspective, and Amanda took it upon herself to come up with a list of cultural and historical activities that we needed to do.  We “sight saw” (I hate that term) all day, ate and drank all night, and still managed to get (some) sleep and watch the first half of Summer Heights High.

I could go on forever about Berlin, because I had an amazing time there and LOVE the city, but I’m here to talk about the food.  I know everybody says German food is just meat and potatoes and well…it mostly is, but the meat is so so good. It quickly became necessary for us to stop at Alexanderplatz every day to get a Bratwurst.  I didn’t eat a LOT of pretzels there but the ones that I did were delicious. I am still craving the Goulash soup that I had at Max und Moritz. As for modern cuisine, it is still up and coming in Berlin, but Sam did take us to a little place called Man Ray, where I had Wasabi-Pea soup.

Goulash soup at Max und Moritz (Taken on my iPhone)

And then there is the best thing of all. Wiener Schnitzel: a veal cutlet pounded down to about 1/4 inch, coated in breadcrumbs and fried.  What’s not to love? A few weeks after I got home, I decided to take a whack at making it myself. It seems to me that the thing that makes Wiener Schnitzel so good is its simplicity.  So I didn’t try anything fancy, and it came out PERFECT. I served it with a Cucumber-Potato Dill salad.

Wiener Schnitzel

Courtesy of Kocheke Cooking Recipes

Serves 4


4 veal cutlets

1 egg

4 Tablespoons flour

4 Tablespoons breadscrumbs


Oil for frying

Pound the veal slices to about 4 mm thickness, salt them. Turn the slices in flour, then in beaten eggs and then in breadcrumbs. Don’t press the covering, it should be loose around the meat when cooked. Heat oil in a frying pan, enough oil to let the slices swim in hot oil. Fry 1 slice until it is golden brown on one side, then turn it. Fry 3-4 minutes more then remove from pan. Serve each slice with a large lemon slice to squeeze over the schnitzel.


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