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Watermelon-Raspberry Agua Frescas

17 Sep

Okay, I have to share this recipe with you now while we are still squeezing out the last couple of warm days leftover from summer and while locally grown watermelons and raspberries can still be bought at the store. Of course, you can make aqua-fresca out of lots of different things–canteloupe, mango, pineapple – some people even use nuts and grains. Agua fresca is Spanish for “fresh cold water”. The idea originally came from Mexico and Central America, but like most things, has gained a popularity in the US (the popularity growing due to the fact that they now sell freshly prepared ones at Whole Foods).

All that an Agua Fresca is is fruit (or cereals, grains, or vegetables) blended with water and sugar. You can also add a splash of sparkling water or club soda for a fizzy drink, or some vodka or rum for a fun drink!

Watermelon-Raspberry Agua Frescas

Makes 2 servings


3 cups of watermelon

1 cup of raspberries

1 cup of cold water

3 tablespoons sugar

juice of 1 lime

Smash and mix all of the ingredients in a blender. Add a touch of club soda, a shot of vodka or rum, freeze it and make popsicles, or serve it in fancy glasses with a wedge of lime or some other fancy garnish!