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Fatty ‘Cue (PIG’S HEAD)

17 Mar

Hey guys!

I wanted to share with you some photos of my most recent trip to Fatty ‘Cue. My good friend Samantha of Krauted Haus was in town from Berlin last week, and, as a fellow foodie, she wanted to try as many places as possible that she had been missing out on since leaving NY. We went back and forth for awhile about whether to go to Fatty ‘Cue or Momofuku Noodle Bar, but, having had Ramen just two nights before (and also one night before for me…) we landed on Fatty ‘Cue.

For those of you who don’t know, Fatty ‘Cue is a restaurant in South Williamsburg that serves a cross between Southeast Asian and American Southern BBQ food. From their website:

“Our goal is to balance quivering fatty morsels of deliciousness with bright citrus notes, fiery chili heat, rich fermented and briny washes and complex, unrefined, natural sweetness. Or, in a less obtuse manner, fun, tasty food! Our two Ole Hickory smokers are the main cooking elements in the restaurant, even providing the bar with many of their condiments”.

I’m gonna have to start using the phrase “quivering fatty morsels of deliciousness” more often.


Please enjoy your Nice Chinese Food with Chopsticks the traditional and typical of Chinese glorious history and culture.

The minute we sat down and glanced over the menu, Sam said, “Guys, I want to get the Pig’s Head. My friend said they give you rubber gloves and lots of bao buns”. Clearly, that’s all it took to convince us.

Now, Pig’s Head isn’t normally on the menu – you usually have to call ahead and reserve it. We asked him to check if they “had any pig heads just lying around” and our waiter (whose name I don’t think we caught but who was FABULOUS) went into the kitchen and returned with a smirk on his face telling us that indeed they DID have a pig’s head, and if we wanted it, it was ours. We immediately ordered it and they stuck it into the smoker for us. We ordered a couple of appetizers and some blue points, since we had a 45 minute wait. The appetizers we ordered were:

-Coriander Bacon

-Dragon Pullman Toast with a Side of Master Fat (yup.)



Ten minutes later, our server showed up to our table with round of  gingery shots and a Smoked Catfish Nam Prik – which is essentially a catfish “dip” or “salad” if you will, into which you dip pork rinds, carrots, ginger, etc. He told us it was his favorite dish on the menu and I can see why – the dip is smoky tasting with the texture of whitefish salad, and um, who doesn’t love pork rinds? Upon our waiter’s recommendation, we tried different combinations of pork rinds and veggies to dip it in, and it was amazing.

Ten minutes after we finished that…a bowl of ribs. Apparently we had become the hit of the kitchen, being a table of five 20 something females specifically requesting a pig’s head to eat. The ribs were obviously delicious. Better than you are imagining.

Finally the Pig’s Head arrived (but not before our latex gloves arrived) and I’m not going to go into detail (you have to try it yourself) but I’ll just say that its not for the faint of heart. You really have to “get in there” (phrase of the night) and find the meat. You have to be willing to just embrace the fact that you are eating a pig’s head. Blue Point helps.

All in all, it was a successful dinner out. Megan caught her hair on fire. Amanda had the chicken.


Williamsburg/Greenpoint Food Tour

22 Sep

I joined some friends the other day for a Williamsburg-Greenpoint food tour.  They actually started at 9:30am, but as the tour schedule didn’t end until 12am, I opted out of the first half of the tour, and joined around 4pm.

Now, the person who planned this tour is Jay’s best friend from high school, Jordan Cohen.  He has been teaching English in Santiago, Chile for the last several months. He is a foodie.  I also attended Blue Hill in Westchester for his birthday dinner one year. So when he made a short trip back to NYC, there were lots of places he had been hankering to try.  Here is the full schedule, for those of you who are interested. All rights reserved to Jordan Cohen.

Williamsburg/Greenpoint Food Tour

9:30am – Eating Begins

Egg ($8) http://www.pigandegg.com/menus/breakfast/

-Country Ham Biscuit


Saltie (10am-6pm $16 or $8/)

-Scuttlebutt – hard boiled egg, cauliflower, pickles, feta, black olives,  capers, aioli

-Clean Slate – hummus, quinoa, pickles, yogurt, naan


Yummus Hummus (7am-11pm $8/) http://www.yummushummusbar.com/menu/

-Hummus (Baked Bulb/Hummus Hot)


Il Passatore (noon-12:30 — 2 – $15)

-Piadina prosciutto, mozzarella, and rucola (7)

-Insalata si Rapette con Pecorino – beets salad w/ mixed green, pecorino  cheese, & sherry dressing (7)

-Gnocchi al Burro – spinach and ricotta cheese dumpling w/  butter and sage  sauce (8)


St. Anselm (noon-11pm $2.25/)



Endless Summer Taco Stand (noon-2am – $3)

-Pork/Beef Tacos

3pm – Drinking Begins

Cafecito Bogota – (9am-11pm $8)

-Llanera arepa (Carmelized beef, onions in homemade chimichurri sauce, topped with avocado slices)

-Cordillera arepa (Red beans, hogao sauce, crispy green plantain, and grated queso blanco)

-white sangria


Lomzynianka (noon-9pm $5) http://www.lomzynianka.com/entrees.html

-Polish Platter (two pierogies, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, bigos, and mashed  potatoes)

-Hungarian Pie (potato pancakes with beef goulash)

-Polish vodka? no se


The Commodore (4pm-12am no se ~$15)

-Fried chicken w/ biscuits and “Saltie” potato salad + adult cheese sandwich  and green-chile hominy

-Get loaded on $2 beers and/or house specialty pina coladas


Silent H (Dinner only — $6-9) http://www.silenthbrooklyn.com/menu_dinner.html

-Carpacio – A cold starter that’s extremely hot. Have your water ready.  Air- dried beef sashimi drizzled with a chili cilantro-lime sauce.

-Shrimp Street Toast – Peppered shrimp dippers with a fluffed taro and mung  bean spread.

-Veggie Street Toast – Sautéed mushroom dipper

-“Secret Stash” Chef’s beer of the week


La Superior (Dinner only – $8) http://www.lasuperiornyc.com/back/menu/dinner/menudinner_cs.ai_negritas.pdf

-Torta Ahogada – Sourdough bread, carnitas, beans, extra hot arbol sauce


Paulie Gee’s (6pm – 11pm $16) http://www.pauliegee.com/specials_menu.php

-Seasonal special pizza


Honeychiles’ @ Charleston Bar (5pm-2am — $8) http://honeychiles.com/menu.html

-Po’ Boy

-Hush puppies

-Louisiana brews


Fatty Cue’ (Late Night until 1am $19, Dinner (pies) $6) http://www.fattycue.com/menus#late_night

-Smoked pork shoulder banh mi

-Smoked brisket sandwich

-First place pies

-continue getting loaded

1am – Eating Ends

4am – Drinking Ends

Now, not everything went exactly as planned. I ended up being around for the Sliders because St. Anslem’s isn’t open until later in the day. Silent H was closed. We skipped Honeychiles because we were all stuffed and looking forward to Fatty ‘Cue too much.

So, the first thing I had was a Hungarian Pie, split between 3 people at Lomzynianka. Hungarian Pie is basically a humongous latke folded in half and filled with beef goulash. Um. What’s not to like? A cute older (what I assumed to be a couple) runs the place, and when you’re eating there its like you’re grandparents invited you over for dinner.  So cozy, such comfort food, really nice people.

Next up, The Commodore. The frid chicken was really really good…but alas, not the best I’ve had. But the little buns and Salty-sweet butter they served with it were to die for. Somehow after the fried chicken we managed to ALSO split an Adult Cheese with what I believe were Poblano Peppers in it.

I know its starting to look like heart attack central around here, and that’s not too far off, but keep in mind that these were all being split between several people.

At this point we headed over to St. Anslem’s for sliders.  It turns out that they recently lost their liquor license, so we ordered our sliders and headed next door for some beers.

I have not stopped thinking about these sliders. They were so good. I am not a fan of big meaty burgers – I like thin patties, delicious creamy melted cheese, and soft buns. That was exactly what these were. I want to go back. Now.

After the sliders and sampling some new Belgian beer, we took a much needed long walk to Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, where we got one margherita pizza and one pizza with hot honey. If you are a pizza aficionado, Paulie Gee’s in a must-try.  Paulie himself was even there to meet and greet every table, walking around in his apron and holding a vintage-style bottle of Coca-Cola. He and I had a nice chat. I told him I had a food blog, he told to check out his Flickr.

You can probably understand why at this point nobody was exactly jumping up at the though of going and eating a Po’ Boy. So we went straight to Fatty ‘Cue, a mix of Malaysian food and American Southern BBQ, the Grand finale of the night. Unfortunately, the late night menu, which contains the famous smoked pork shoulder banh mi AND the smoked brisket sandwich, doesn’t start until midnight, and because we had cut out a couple of places, it was about 10:30pm when we got there. Rather than wait, we decided to go with the Hand-pulled lamb shoulder and the Whole Pig (which, by the way, is just pig parts, no-where near a whole pig). Everything was delicious, but not getting the smoked brisket sandwich was a huge disappointment, considering that Grub Street named it the best sandwich in New York City.

And the perfect drink pairing of course…

Those pigs look about how I felt by the end of the day.